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IClass FS is a software for managing external activities performed in the field. With the tool, it is possible to efficiently manage the entire operational team, organizing all types of external activities, such as work order, calls, deliveries and maintenance. Your technicians or collaborators will have all the information in the palm of your hand like spent materials, equipment used, machine indicators, photos and much more.



Main features to optimize your Field Management

Online Panels, Indicators and Maps

The system provides indicators and teams’ views in real time on panels and maps, throughout the service cycle of scheduled services.


Mobile Module for External Staff

The mobile module eliminates the need for your external team to fulfill a service order using a paper or spreadsheet, and offers a platform for your external team


Custom Forms

IClass FS understands the different needs of each company’s operation, so the service order forms are flexible and parameterized.

Scheduling Intelligence and Optimized Routes

With Intelligence in scheduling, IClass FS displays qualified professionals for each task at the time of scheduling, according to the role and location of each technician.


Inventory Control, Assets and Fleets

The IClass FS inventory and control module automates all tracking of what is being installed or has been spent by the field team.


Customer Communication

With the IClass FS, communication with customers is improved, resulting in services performed with higher quality, in addition to providing increased customer satisfaction and consequent loyalty.


Service Demand Predictability

The assessment between the demand for services and the workforce available in the company, is one of the biggest difficulties in the operational area.


Maintenance Plans and Recurring Services

Many operations require software that manages maintenance plans or recurring services really automatically.


Contract Management and SLA

IClass FS manages contracts and service SLA intelligently, through flexible scheduling according to the type of service and service areas.


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