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Inventory Control, Assets and Fleets

Inventory Control with IClass FS

The IClass FS inventory and control module automates all tracking of what is being installed or has been spent by the field team. The costs involved with materials, tools, vehicles and equipment used by external teams is one of the biggest costs for companies. With this inventory control functionality available in the system, these costs are significantly reduced, obtained by optimizing the use of the necessary resources by the right people;

It is possible to record the use of materials that have been used or that are foreseen for use in service orders, inventory and control all equipment, create groups of equipment and materials called kits, have a view of the work tools that technicians are using. using, and company vehicles used to carry out their activities.

É possível registrar a utilização dos materiais que foram utilizados ou que estão previstos para utilização nos atendimentos das ordens de serviço, inventariar e controlar todos os equipamentos, criar grupos de equipamentos e materiais denominados kits, ter a visão das ferramentas de trabalho que os técnicos estão utilizando, e veículos das empresas usados para realizar suas atividades.

Benefits of this inventory control module

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