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Monitoring, CCTV, Alarms and Property Protection

Automate your operation with our software and increase your productivity

Companies that carry out monitoring through cameras, install alarms in residential or commercial areas and maintain monthly property protection contracts will obtain major improvements in the service process using IClass FS. The scheduling of services is organized through the tool that maintains a detailed control of the equipment and materials installed in the services performed. The charges made to customers and the contracts that are most profitable will be easily identified using the tool.

cftv Iclass Software de Ordem de Serviço Software Para Empresas De Monitoramento, CFTV, Alarmes e Proteção Patrimonial

Customer reviews

Cliente Satisfeito IClass Software Para Empresas De Monitoramento, CFTV, Alarmes e Proteção Patrimonial

Pentágono Security System company testimony. In the Brazilian market for 22 years.

“We were looking for a system that would support the real-time monitoring of our technical team in the field, and a computerized system for generating a work order. IClass was more within our reach, we had options for companies outside RJ, but the IClass’s option to be in Rio de Janeiro and the possibility of receiving us at its headquarters for an in-person explanation to present the service order software was important, in addition to the integration with our financial system that had all our customers’ data. results such as: faster responses in detailing services performed, changing employees who did not perform their role with excellence and we also won new questions on which we worked on to get new answers. After more than a year of use, it is worth highlighting the faster feedback to the customer, support is great and the close monitoring of the sales team was a differential. We recommend the IClass FS to other partners who are in the same industry. It is an essential tool for everyday life. “

Vinícius Boene
Director of advanced technology - PENTAGONET

IClass FS provides managers with a tool with high added value that will

Main software features for companies in the monitoring, CCTV, alarms and property protection

Increase the productivity of your teams

View teams and the service order online, on panels and maps, with the possibility of configuring electronic fences.

Increase customer and employee satisfaction

Perform intelligent scheduling of the service order online considering the routes of the teams, with the display of a ranking of the best technicians and the division by service area, skills and work schedules.

Reduce operating costs, increasing the margin for each contract.

With the software it is possible to monitor and configure terms of commitment, service level goals, technical support and contractual terms of your customers.

Gain greater control and prioritization of the organization's needs

IClass FS uses information from the field force to determine the work capacity of the technical team according to items such as geography, time and type of service.

Tracking maintenance performed on all equipment

The System allows the configuration of recurring calls, associated with the activities of the maintenance plans agreed with each customer and equipment.

Mobile Module for External Staff

The mobile module eliminates the need for your external team to fulfill a service order using a paper or spreadsheet, and offers a platform for your external team

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