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Enterprise software of Maintenance of elevators

Improve your field management and optimize your operation

IClass FS is the ideal solution for elevator maintenance and maintenance companies. Our solution allows greater organization in the distribution of emergency calls for elevator maintenance contracts, which have short SLAs, increasing customer satisfaction and the profit margin of the maintaining company. We also control the spare parts charged to customers, in addition to the materials spent on services. The modernization contracts can also be controlled allowing the arrival and departure times to be monitored, in addition to the materials used in the improvement works of the elevators.

MANUTENCAO de ELEVADOR Software Para Empresa de Elevadores | IClass

“We were looking for a solution that would provide agility in communication between field technicians and the rear and that had a managerial view of the technical assistance work. At the time of hiring, we consulted three companies and IClass presented us with software that seemed to us, at the same time. time, simple and robust, a differential was the low cost of implementation, which motivated us to do a test for a few months to assess adherence to our processes.

The main results were:

– Elimination of 80% of the use of paper for technicians’ notes. Maintenance files are now digital, sent by e-mail, making it easier for the company and the customer to store them.
– Reception of field information in real time.
– Integration with the company’s ERP system, eliminating the need to enter technicians’ reports into the system.
– Management and control of technicians both in travel, service times and productivity).
– Customers’ perception of the company’s modernization process and of our concern for sustainability.

IClass has a very clear business model: developing a single platform, with many parameters and configurations, to serve the widest possible audience. This position is also reflected in support, which usually implements improvements with a positive impact on the largest number of customers. Some of our suggestions for improvements were accepted by the development team and are part of the current platform.

We recommend IClass FS for companies with field services that have difficulty in controlling and managing their teams due to the distance between external technicians and the back office. “

Giuliano Ferrari
Departamento de Engenharia - Elevadores Zenit

Zenit case study Experience of 55 years in the elevator market, built with the trust and recognition of customers. We are a family owned and operated business.

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Using IClass FS, managers and engineers at elevator companies will:

Main software features for elevator maintenance companies that will optimize their field management

Increase the productivity of your teams

View teams and the service order online, on panels and maps, with the possibility of configuring electronic fences.

Increase customer and employee satisfaction

Perform intelligent scheduling of the service order online considering the routes of the teams, with the display of a ranking of the best technicians and the division by service area, skills and work schedules.

Reduce operating costs, increasing the margin for each contract.

With the software it is possible to monitor and configure terms of commitment, service level goals, technical support and contractual terms of your customers.

Gain greater control and prioritization of the organization's needs

IClass FS uses information from the field force to determine the work capacity of the technical team according to items such as geography, time and type of service.

Tracking maintenance performed on all equipment

The System allows the configuration of recurring calls, associated with the activities of the maintenance plans agreed with each customer and equipment.

Mobile Module for External Staff

The mobile module eliminates the need for your external team to fulfill a service order using a paper or spreadsheet, and offers a platform for your external team

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