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Systems Integration

Integrated systems

The IClass FS contains native integration with the main tools of the market: ERP´s, CRM´s or SAC´s. In this way, your operation obtains the benefits of excellence management in the field, without modifying the processes already implemented by the company.

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Integração Iclass FS Systems Integration

New integrations

If integration with your system does not exist or if you have your own solution, don’t worry! The IClass FS architecture is very broad and flexible. If you have access to the database of the system you want to integrate, our connectors can be configured to obtain the information necessary to create the services in the IClass and update the information captured in the field in the source system.

In addition, we offer a complete integration API, that is, you can also develop your connector that calls our integration methods, allowing a complete connection of your company’s processes.

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