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Improve your field management and optimize your operation

Segmento Facilities IClass FS 04 04 Software Para Empresas de Facilities

Facilities companies need tools that help control the workforce, optimize logistics and at the same time reduce operating costs.

HG Construtora

“The IClass system is perfect, the logistics solution meets 100% of the company’s needs, the system chooses the best technician and the closest to meet the services, controls all preventive measures with an indication of what should be performed and of materials that should be charged. “

Renato de Almeida
Civil Engineer - HG Construtora

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Depoimento IClass FS HG Construturora 02 Software Para Empresas de Facilities

HG Construtora operates in the Facilities segment, providing quality services to several clients, including one of the largest financial institutions in Brazil.

Software for the Facilities segment

The difficulty in managing costs, the aging and increasing maintenance of assets and the increase in customer expectations are challenges for this segment. Often, the first solutions adopted are adding staff or increasing workloads, but this goes against the overriding need to reduce costs. The best approach is to provide the tools needed to make each user’s job easier and allow them to be more effective at what they do.

IClass FS optimizes task assignments for external teams, monitors progress with receiving alerts on critical issues and compares past activities with future needs to incorporate changes and continually improve their operation. Field personnel get an accurate picture of what they need to do, along with clear instructions to answer all the necessary questions (where, when, with which parts / tools, for whom and how).

O IClass FS otimiza a atribuição de tarefas para equipes externas, monitora o progresso com recebimento de  alertas em questões críticas e compara atividades passadas com necessidades futuras para incorporar mudanças e melhorar continuamente sua operação. O pessoal de campo obtém uma imagem exata do que eles precisam fazer, juntamente com instruções claras para responder todas as perguntas necessárias (onde, quando, com quais partes / ferramentas, para quem e como).

Key software features for facilities companies that will optimize your field management We are a family owned and operated business.

Increase the productivity of your teams

View teams and the service order online, on panels and maps, with the possibility of configuring electronic fences.

Increase customer and employee satisfaction

Perform intelligent scheduling of the service order online considering the routes of the teams, with the display of a ranking of the best technicians and the division by service area, skills and work schedules.

Reduce operating costs, increasing the margin for each contract.

With the software it is possible to monitor and configure terms of commitment, service level goals, technical support and contractual terms of your customers.

Gain greater control and prioritization of the organization's needs

IClass FS uses information from the field force to determine the work capacity of the technical team according to items such as geography, time and type of service.

Tracking maintenance performed on all equipment

The System allows the configuration of recurring calls, associated with the activities of the maintenance plans agreed with each customer and equipment.

Mobile Module for External Staff

The mobile module eliminates the need for your external team to fulfill a service order using a paper or spreadsheet, and offers a platform for your external team

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